What your sleeping position means

What your sleeping position means

All of us sleep. But we don’t all sleep in the same way. Each of us will opt for a different position that we deem more comfortable than the rest. Sure, we won’t stay in exactly the same spot or shape all night every night. But we generally have favourites that we stick to. But have you ever considered what the way you sleep says about you? Here are a few common sleep positions that can speak volumes!

The Soldier Stance

Do you sleep on your back with your legs out straight and your arms by your side? This is called the “soldier stance” and can be somewhat severe looking. Many will look at this position and believe that it looks extremely uncomfortable. But for some, it’s perfection and the only way that they can nod off! Generally, people who sleep in this position are relatively quiet and reserved. You may expect high standards of yourself, as well as high standards of others, including thorough moral codes.

The Pillow Hugger

Do you hug a pillow while you sleep? Chances are you have your arms or legs wrapped around the pillow in a warm embrace if you do. These kinds of sleepers tend to feel cosy, comfortable and comforted. If you’re a pillow hugger, you probably really cherish the good relationships that you have with others in your life.

The Foetal Position

A huge percentage of people sleep in the foetal position. This mimics the way that babies lie in the womb – curled up in a ball shape with the knees tucked in towards the chest. People who sleep in the foetal position may come across as tough and brash, but it’s likely that they have a much softer inner side to themselves and their personalities!

The Starfish

Do you lie spread eagled across the bed with your arms and legs all pointing to different corners of the mattress? While you may take up a lot of mattress space and might not be the most convenient person to sleep beside, starfish sleepers do tend to be very open and good friends. If someone needs a shoulder to cry on or someone to listen to them, a starfish sleeper will likely be a good person to turn to.

The Log

The log is similar to the soldier stance, except you’re laying on your side. People who sleep on their side with their legs out straight and their arms by their sides are often pretty carefree. They tend to be social and in high demand in terms of friendships and relationships.

The Yearner

If you sleep on your side but have your arms stretched out in front of you, instead of beside your side, you’re a yearner. Yearners can have mixed traits, often being open minded, yet relatively cynical. They can face a lot of confusion and may find it difficult to settle on decisions.

Of course, these are just a few different sleeping positions. But if you adopt one each night, you might be able to learn a little about yourself from the above information!