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Gainsborough Plaza 1250 Pocket Mattress (Small Single)


Product Description:

Relax back into a bed that cares for you with the Gainsborough Plaza Pocket 1250.

The Plaza offers superb modern comfort technologies with the traditional comfort that you love.

The Plaza mattress has a fantastic support structure of 1250 latticed pocket springs.

This ultra modern and ever popular feature gives amazing anatomic care as the individually hand nested springs adapt to your movements to make you feel weightless yet supported throughout the night.

Surrounding the clever spring design is bonded white fibre, pure wool and soft white fibre to give you that cosy slumber and provides the mattress with a medium feel.

An exquisite and elegant finish to the Plaza is a Belgian Damask cover proving that style is in no way compromised for stunning comfort and support.

The hand tufts, made from top quality wool, finish the mattress with a flare of traditional beauty and help keep all that goodness locked in for years to come!

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