Breasley Uno Supreme Extra Firm King Size Mattress

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Delivered?vacuum packed?and?rolled up, this mattress offers?hassle-free manoeuvrability. Getting your mattress into your bedroom has never been easier.?No roll together – foam arranged in personal sleep zones, so you can sleep soundly even if your partner rolls over or moves. You won’t be disturbed by their motion, and there’s no tendency to roll towards the middle.

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Uno Supreme Extra Firm Mattress?mattress from?Breasley?- enjoy firmer support all through the night.

Constructed from an extra deep layer of zoned?High Density foam, this mattress provides you with all the support you need, in the places you need it most! Enjoy a unique sleeping experience with the?Uno Supreme Extra Firm, offering targeted support for you and your partner.

Complete with a?profiled?foam base, this mattress offers improved airflow for a cooler night’s sleep. Soothe away those daily aches and pains, thanks to?reduced pressure point build-up?that encourages blood circulation – comforting you as you sleep. Take care of your back – enjoy unrivalled?extra firm?support with the Uno Supreme Extra Firm, tailored to you!

Finished with a soft?damask cover, infused with revolutionary?HyCare?technology, the Uno Supreme Extra Firm reduces the risk of dust mites and bacteria. Enjoy a clean and healthy sleeping environment night after night. This mattress is?single-sided?for easy care, rotate this mattress every time you change your bedding for lasting support.

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Dimensions 150 × 200 cm


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