Silentnight are well known for their charming Hippo and Duck characters, and their innovative Miracoil technology. Ideal for partners of different weights ? hence the Hippo and Duck ? Silentnight’s mattress technology mean that there is no pesky roll-together effect for partners of different weights, resulting in a more restful night’s sleep for both.

With foam and memory foam varieties available as well as springs, Silentnight have a mattress available for all types of needs. Whether you need a simple sprung mattress for a child’s bed, or a luxurious pillow topped bed, we have you covered.

Various technologies are used in these mattresses to promote a healthier and better night’s sleep. Purotex is a probiotic treatment that naturally combats common allergens such as dust mites, meaning a restful night’s sleep for allergy sufferers. For additional comfort, Silentnight have layers of mini pocket springs on top of the Miracoil unit, called ‘Mirapocket’ for even better body moulding and support.

Mattresses with a ‘3’ or ‘7’ in the name will often indicate the amount of ‘Zones’ it has ? zoned mattresses will offer a higher level support in key areas like the hips and shoulders, to prevent uncomfortable pressure building up in the joints, and to allow the spine to align in its natural shape.

Memory foam is a very popular mattress filling due to its high levels of comfort and moulding properties. It can even be used as a top layer on traditional sprung mattresses, offering the benefits of both the memory foam and springs

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